El Mexicano Review

By Brandon Carleton, November 1, 2014


Before you even walk into El Mexicano, you begin to sense that something great is going to happen. El Mexicano is nestled in the middle of the Floraciente neighborhood of Moline, a neighborhood that has a very unique vibe. When you walk in, you quickly get overwhelmed by everything that is happening.


The grocery store is usually bustling. Bright colored posters and cultural decor is everywhere. People are pointing out which cuts of meat they want to take home. There are pinatas hanging from the ceiling. Then you take a right turn towards the restaurant and all of a sudden everything calms down. You take a seat, settle in and your adrenaline starts to wear off.

The waitress comes and brings you a basket of chips as well as two bottles of salsa, one red and one green. She takes your order and heads back to the kitchen. She then brings out your drinks and this is when you begin to realize how unique your experience is going to be. Because the drinks she brings out are served in red plastic Solo cups. You then start on the chips and salsa. The salsa is one of a kind and out of this world delicious.


Before you know it, your food comes out and you typically notice two things right away. First off, your food is served on a paper plate. Second off, holy crap, there is a ton of food on your plate. This is what makes El Mexican so special. The prices are low and the serving sizes are huge.

Then you bite into whatever you ordered and everything else you have loved before now seems like dog food. I typically get their burritos and they, first of all, are huge. Second of all, they are delicious. They are an experience in themselves.

Another unique item El Mexicano serves, although you won't find it on their menu, is Sesos Tacos. To save you a trip to google translate, sesos means brains. Yep, brain tacos. These tacos are amazing. I call them Mexican crab rangoons. They take 4" tortillas, fill them with brain, pepper and spices and then they fry them. Because of the soft texture of the brain and the quick heating process, they brain turns into a consistency similar to cream cheese. Do yourself a favor, go out on a limb and order some sesos tacos.









































Chorizo Burrito

Sesos Tacos


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El Mexicano


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