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El Pueblo


724 1st Ave, Silvis, IL 61282 | 309-766-6391


El Pueblo Review

By Brandon Carleton, November 1, 2014


From the exterior, it’s hard to figure out what El Pueblo is going for exactly. The building itself used to be a hot dog and milkshake type of restaurant and the architecture speaks to that.  From the road you see massive signs advertising specials for tostadas as well as hot dogs. There is a drive through, so the parking lot is a bit confusing. I think I might have parked in the drive through? I couldn't really tell.


When you go inside, it is even more confusing. Some of the décor is straight out of a mom and pop country diner, think “Live. Laugh. Love.” type of signs that you would buy at a flea market.


The guy working was very nice and very helpful. He was the cook as well as the waiter from what I could tell. Their menu is very confusing. It took me multiple glances to try to find where their tacos were at on the menu. I never found them on the menu and ended up just asking the waiter/cook if they had what I wanted. They did and I ordered some steak tacos with cilantro and onion. I can’t fully explain the next few minutes. The décor/vibe was truly perplexing and sort of felt surreal. It was the strangest mix of Americana décor mixed with splashes of Mexican décor.


The food was quickly delivered and my thoughts no longer had time to contemplate the décor because the tacos were delicious. The steak was very moist and tender, the taste was fantastic.


El Pueblo's menu is very odd in it's layout, as well as in everything they have to offer. The building and restaurant vibe is also very strange, with the various themed decorations. All I know is that the steak tacos were amazing. They also offer a roasted jalapeno salsa that is very good. They don't have fountain pop, which for some people can be a problem. Also, they have Jumex, which is a mexican pop similar to Jarritos.









































Steak Tacos

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