Ganzo's Review

By Brandon Carleton, November 1, 2014


I had an idea of what I was walking into before I went to Ganzo's. I had an idea that it was

going to be pretty American-ized Mexican food, but that was all that I knew. Some friends

and I made our way over to west Davenport, looking for some good eats. We walked in,

we were seated quickly and we were contacted almost immediately after being seated.


Our waitress was very nice. She took our drink orders and brought out chips and salsa very

quickly. All of that being said, it was very busy and all the tables seemed full. So the fact that we were taken of so quickly was pretty impressive. Now, it's important that I take a moment to talk about the chips and salsa. Ganzo's makes and sells their own salsa. It is pretty thick and chunky, but it is very, very bland. The chips, on the other hand, I really liked. They were definitely not made fresh in the restaurant, but they were still very good. Ganzo's also offers a red hot sauce and a green hot sauce. The only one with flavor was the green hot sauce.


At our table, we ordered the following: the chimichanga dinner, an order of beef enchiladas, steak fajitas and a combo platter. We all sampled from one another's plate and most of the food tasted pretty similar. That being said, the taste was pretty good! It didn't blow us away, but it didn't disappoint us either.

When we walked in, we saw some of the dishes on other people's tables. The food we saw looked as if would be similar to a place like Rudy's. The taste, however, was way better than Rudy's. We knew that it wasn't going to be authentic Mexican food before we went and we were suprised by how good the taste was.


Bottom Line: If you want good American-ized Mexican food, at a good price with great service; go to Ganzo's. Go to Ganzo's before you go to Rudy's or Sancho's.









































Steak Fajitas

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