Las Regias Review

By Brandon Carleton, November 9, 2014


One of the first things you will notice about Las Regias is their prompt and polite service. When you walk in you are always greeted with a smile and are quickly seated. Once you are seated, the waitresses quickly arrive, take your drink order and quickly deliver your drinks. I have eaten at Las Regias about a dozen times now and I have never once had a bad waitress. Every one has been cheerful and attentive.


Las Regias has proved to be pretty business savvy, too. They are located on the west edge of the downtown restaurant/bar portion of downtown Moline. In attempts to accomodate that crowd, I presume, they offer a full bar as well as extended late night hours on the weekends.


Their menu is pretty straight forward and they have all the standard dishes you would expect. In my visits I have had their breakfast burrito, steak tacos and chorizo and potato enchiladas. All of which tasted fresh and had great flavor. The only area of improvement I could find would be their chips and salsa. Both don't appear to be made in house. I am not saying either the chips or the salsa taste bad, they just don't taste fresh or original.



Las Regias seems to be doing well, despite being only a few blocks away from the likes of El Mexicano, La Casa, La Primavera, Los Montes and others. So you know they are doing something right! Although they wouldn't be my first choice, I defintely still find myself going back to Las Regias again and again. It is a great choice for the times you want really good food, but your dinner friends aren't feeling too adventurous.


Bottom Line: Great service, great food, great prices. It's hard to find anything bad about Las Regias!











































Breakfast Burrito

Huevos Rancheros, Beans & Rice

Chips & Salsa


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Las Regias

1231 5th Ave, Moline, IL 61265 | (309) 764-8800