Los Charros Review

By Brandon Carleton, November 1, 2014


My trip to Los Charros was interesting if anything else. Honestly, it wasn’t our original destination. It was a Monday night and my wife and I tried two other restaurants before Los Charros but they were both closed. This was the first time I learned that many Mexican restaurants close on Mondays… but not Los Charros. So after striking out at two restaurants, we finally pulled into Los Charros parking lot and saw the open sign glowing



From the outside, Los Charros looks a bit rough and isn’t very inviting. The parking lot itself is in poor shape, lots of cracks in the pavement and weeds. The building is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint and it looks a bit disheveled. There are blinds on the windows so you can’t really see what you’re about to walk into.  I’m long past caring about these types of things, as I have learned that more often than not, the dingier a place looks the better the food.


When we walked in to Los Charros, we were equally unimpressed by the décor/layout of the tables and booths. Keep in mind that this was an old Whitey’s Ice Cream, so the owners didn’t have much to work with. The way I see it, if your food is bomb, throw up a folding table and a lawn chair—I don’t care. There was definitely a family atmosphere type of vibe when we sat down. They don’t serve alcohol, so that helped the family vibe. Also, people seemed to know the waitress well and there seemed to be a few regulars there that night.






















The waitress we had was very nice, helpful and accommodating to our questions. The service was also very prompt and our waitress was fast. The menu was quite extensive and well laid out. I wasn’t confused or bewildered by the menu at all. We ordered one steak and chorizo burrito and three chorizo and potato enchiladas. The burrito was pretty big, but it wasn’t $7 big. The taste was very good. The beans in the burrito were a little runny for my taste, making the burrito a bit harder to eat. I also definitely had some grease running down my hand when I was eating the burrito. That isn’t a complaint, some chorizo is greasier than others and that’s okay. One of the biggest positives was the salsas. They bring out a red and green salsa with your chips and if you ask for hot sauce, they bring out a different set of red and green salsas. The green hot sauce has the consistency of a paste more than a salsa and was delicious. All their salsas were very good.


Bottom Line: Definitely not a waste of your time, money or appetite. You won’t complain about the taste or the service, both are great. If you are looking for a “fancy” place, Los Charros isn’t it. Prices though are a tad bit higher than you would want them to be, but the food won't disappoint you.


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Los Charros


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