Why We Started

QCMexicanFood.com started for two reasons. First and foremost, we simply love Mexican food. Second, we love supporting small businesses. There are 34 Mexican restaurants in the greater Quad City area and it's our hope that you might find your new favorite spot!

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Brandon Carleton


Brandon has officially eaten at every Mexican restaurant in the Quad Cities.

His favorite food is steak and chorizo tacos from just about anywhere. Double shelled. Cilantro & onion only.

Jake Lyle

Jake has done the math and it is safe to say that he has eaten over 1000 burritos in his life time. Always down for a good time and a Modelo, Jake knows the ins-and-outs of QC Mexican food like no one else.


His favorite food is a carnitas burrito, preferably from La Finca or El Mexicano.


As of July 2018, QCMexicanFood.com is operated by altSTATES Travel, a QC-based tour company.