Los Montes January 2015 Spotlight Review

By Brandon


In 1997, the Montes family made their way to the Quad City area and a few years later

they began selling tacos out of their garage. In 2010, they moved out of the garage and

into their current building in Moline. Four years later, they've expanded into the building

next door and business shows no signs of slowing down.

I remember back when the Montes family first bought their bulding on 16th Street and opened up for carry-out only. I lived only five blocks away at the time, so I would stop in and grab some food on my way home from work. Sometimes I would order their tacos al pastor, other times their chicken gorditas. More than anything I remember how I was blown away by their rice and beans. Four years later, I eat at Los Montes almost once a week!



















When you first walk into Los Montes, you are immediately impressed by the big open kitchen. I always trust a place that lets you see into their kitchen. When you walk towards the back, where the dining room is, you see a huge window that gives you a great view of the grill. It's an experience that you don't often get when you go to a Mexican restaurant. You can watch them prepare all your food, fresh and delicious, right in front of you.


The Food


Los Montes has some of the best chips and salsa in the area. Their house salsa (in picture above) is great, but they also have three other salsa options. Out of thsoe three, the salsa verde is my favorite. Their chips are always served fresh and are light and flaky. I have ordered almost everything off of the Los Montes and it is all amazing. Their claim to fame is their al pastor tacos, which are delicious, but the good food doesn't stop there. Their carnitas, chorizo and barbacoa are amazing too.


Los Montes lands at the number 4 spot on our Top 10 list for a good reason. The food is amazing, but there is more to the story than just the food. Los Montes is a special place because of the Montes family. Three generations of this amazing family make Los Montes happen. The recipes are all old family recipes, handed down for years. You can't visit Los Montes without running into at least one of the family members. You also can't visit Los Montes without feeling like a part of one big family. There is a unique feeling at Los Montes when you dine in, you feel like you're eating at your grandmother's house.


Bottom Line


If you haven't been to Los Montes, go. If you have been to Los Montes, go again. Try all their dishes, especially some of their more traditional dishes. There is just something great about supporting a local business and family, all while eating delicious food!

Chips & Salsa

Dining Room

Open kitchen where you can watch your food being cooked.

Chorizo & Egg Torta and Al Pastor Taco

Los Montes

2006 16th Street, Moline, IL 61265 | 309-743-0290

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